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If you decide to become a student of the Hebrew Scriptures (39 books of the Old Covenant), having at least a basic knowledge of the Hebrew language, would be beneficial. With this knowledge you will be able to effectively use an interlinear, concordance and lexicon to research the deeper meanings of certain words and phrases in the Old Testament. Every translator of a Bible has to choose words in another language that seldom fully reflect the full meaning of the original language.

About the hebrew language:

- The Hebrew Alphabet (Alefbet) is made up of 22 consonants.
- Hebrew is written and pronounced from right to left, top to bottom.
- Hebrew is a phonetic language – it is spoken how it is written.
- Essentially, Hebrew is a language of consonants, with vowels placed between them to aid pronunciation.

- The consonants are:

Hebrew consonants

- The vowel symbols below were invented around the 8th Century CE by a group called the Massoretes, as an aid to correct pronunciation.

The vowels are:

Hebrew vowels

Click here to listen to how each consonant and vowel sounds


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Learn Biblical Hebrew Online - CLICK HERE!

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Websites that you can study the Hebrew language for free:
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