Facts about Israel
(And truth about the Middle East conflict.)

Did you know?
- The Israeli government is the only one in the Middle East that is elected by free citizens.
- Never in history existed a state named Palestine.
- Since 1948, every time the Palestinians were offered any possibility of a Palestinian state, side by side with Israel, they chose to reject it, and more violence followed.
- Israel is the only country in the region that permits citizens of all faiths to worship freely and openly. Twenty percent of Israeli citizens are not Jewish.
- While Jews are not permitted to live in many Arab countries, Arabs are granted full citizenship and have the right to vote in Israel.

Visit the Jewish agency for Israel to see the The Arab Israel conflict explained with maps.

Ottoman Rule (Eve of WWI)
British Mandate 1920-1946
British Administrative Division 1922 - 1946
Britain's Partition 1946
U.N. Partition Plan 1947
The Arab Invasion 1948
Armistice Agreements 1949
The Arab Refugees 1948
The Jewish Refugees 1948 - 1972
Fedayeen Raids 1951 - 1956
The Sinai Campaign 1956
Position of Arab Forces 1967
Six Day War - June 1967
Cease Fire Lines 1967
The War of Attrition, 1969-1970
October War 1973
Egyptian Attack 1973
Syrian Attack 1973
The Golan Heights
Cross-section: Golan-Galilee
Sinai 1967 - 1982
Judea and Samaria
Cross-section Herzliya-Nablus-Jordan River
Pre-1967 Distances - Center
Missile and Artillery Ranges
Pre-1967 Distances - North
Flying Time to Israel
Peace with Egypt 1979
Operation Peace for Galilee, 1982
The Iraqi Nuclear Threat, 1982
The First Intifada, 1987-1993
The Gulf War, 1991
The Madrid Process, 1991
The Oslo Process, 1993
Peace with Jordan
The Wye Agreement - November 1998
Sharm Agreement 1999
Camp David 2000
The Second Intifada, 2000-
Israeli Withdrawal from Lebanon
Jerusalem 2000
Gilo 2000
Israel and the Iranian Nuclear Threat
The Security Fence, 2003
Gaza Disengagement, 2005
Northern Samaria Settlements, 2005

Visit the Jewish agency for Israel to read the book: "Zionism - The first 120 years 1882-2002.

Chapter 1 - The Heralders of Zionism
Chapter 2 - The Seven Years of Herzl
Chapter 3 - From Political Zionism to Synthetic Zionism
Chapter 4 - World War I
Chapter 5 - The Hopes, Achievements and Crises
Chapter 6 - The Establishment of the Jewish Agency and Expansion of the Yishuv
Chapter 7 - World War II
Chapter 8 - The Struggle for the Establishment of the State of Israel
Chapter 9 - Aliyah, Absorption and Development
Chapter 10 - A Decade of Change
Chapter 11 - Aliyah, War and Peace
Chapter 12 - From the Lowest Ebb to the Turning Point
Chapter 13 - A Great Aliyah
Chapter 14 - The Start of a New Century

On Israel's Ministry of Foreign affairs website, you will find the following information:

Israel's Economy
The Land of Israel
Israel - Facts in Figures
History of Israel
The State of Israel
The People of Israel
Israel - Urban and Rural Life

Israel - Health
Israel - Social Services
Israel - Education
Israel - Science and Technology
Israel in the World
Israel - Culture and Leisure

Read about the following myths exposed by the Jewish Virtual Library - Click Here

“The British helped the Jews displace the native Arab population of Palestine.”
“The British allowed Jews to flood Palestine while Arab immigration was tightly controlled.”
“The British changed their policy after World War II to allow the survivors of the Holocaust to settle in Palestine.”
“As the Jewish population in Palestine grew, the plight of the Palestinian Arabs worsened.”
“Jews stole Arab land.”
“The British helped the Palestinians to live peacefully with the Jews.”
“The Mufti was not anti-Semitic.”
“The Irgun bombed the King David Hotel as part of a terror campaign against civilians.”



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